CD Transport – Orpheus

CD transport Orpheus is with top load and it is made based on Philips CDPRO2LF (VAM1255) mechanism. We created this product with care to every detail of the construction. We use damped wooden box made of African wood with special feet of brass. The electronic section consists separate high quality reclocking PCB with independent clock generator for servo processor and special reclocking for SPDIF.This reduce the jitter under 3ps.The Cd transport is equipped with AES/EBU and Coaxial digital outputs. The CD transport case is silver wired and power case is wired with OCC cables.
We use separate power supply in separate case for quality sound .Inside the power supply consists of three stabilized powers, one for system microcontroller +5V/6A , 9V/6A for servo systems and +5V/6A for the control panel. Two separate toroidal transformers. Optional we can make the power supply with battery. The battery charger consists four high grades SIC Shottky diodes and special low noises IC charger. Every power supply includes ultra low noise IC LT1963A.Warranty 5 years.

Technical data

  • Digital outputs 1 XLR: 1RCA
  • Digital output level 2.5V (XLR) 1.5V (RCA)
  • Jitter clock servo processor;3ps/V
  • Dimension: Power case 300x300x100(mm)
  • CD transport case 300×300100(mm)
  • Weight: Power case 10kg
  • CD transport case 8kg
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