MM/MC Preamplifier Orpheus MK-2

We present our new product MM/MC phono preamplifier Orpheus Mk 2 .The MC section is realized with step-up transformer Sowter 9990 (OCC) 1:20 for low impedance MC cartridge as Ortofon Rondo Bronze.The MM stage consists of two amplifiers

1.First amplifier with gain 40dB

2.Second amplifier with 63dB

The RIAA curve is reconstructed in three time points:

T1=3180uSec  or 50Hz

T2=75uSec  or 2122Hz

T3=318uSec  or 500Hz

The active correction is realized with high quality op-amp LME49860 without signal capacitors and zero dc offset.In our phono preamp we use variable balansed/unbalansed outputs for direct connection to power amplifier or monoblocks  We use attenuator transformer Sowter 9335 44dB and 24 step switch Elma for volume control.All components are high quality grade (LCR,Panasonic,Vishy,Nichicon).The preamplifier is powered by two separate power supplies,which reduce the noises and  improves the sound.The phono panel plugs are rhodium from Neotech.The XLR panel plugs are gold plated from Neutrik.The  preamplifier is silver wired.

Technical data

  • Input level MC: 0,25mV
  • Output level: 2Vpp
  • Input level MM: 5mV
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Analog outputs: XLR and RCA
  • Analog input: MM and MC
  • Dimension [mm]: 230 x 230 x 80


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