Pure DSD Converter

Pure DSD converter without DAC
The new Pure DSD converter is designed for audiophiles which like DSD music. This converter doesn’t consist standard DAC chip. In our converter the DSD signal can be directly used to reconstruct the original analog signal with an analog filter. The USB receiver uses audiophile XMOS 500 MIPS processor in asynchronous mode. This module has low jitter oscillator and galvanic isolation (outputs, two oscillators and reclock are after the isolator). We use separate ultra low noise power supplies (under 40 uV ) for digital and analog stages. We use best analog filter: output transformer for best sound without noises, phase shifts and low THD. The converter is full true balanced. All filter capacitors are high grade from Nichicon and Panasonic. Again capacitors and resistors are not used in the signal path.

The converter is silver wired and can play automatically :

  1. DSD Native DSD64 (2.8224MHz and 3.0720MHz)
  2. DSD128 (5.6448MHz and 6.1440MHz) and
  3. DSD256 (11.2896MHz and 12.2880MHz) on Linux and MAC OS

All stages are powered from one 12V/4Ah battery, automatically charging from special separate power supply.

So, if you are DSD music lover, that’s your DAC.


The difference

The standard Dac Chips  (Sabre, AD, CS, BB  and AKM) play back DSD files  as  they are converted in PCM format. After input selection and filtering DSD file enters in standard multi-bit sigma- delta modulator, when DSD file is converted to pseudo PCM format. This format enters in multiple multi-bit DAC converter and active LPF (the active filters are very  bad for the sound). But  this configuration  isn’t  true native DSD sound – pic. 1.
pic. 1
Our pure DSD converter uses the best audio processor XMOS 500 for best sound  The XMOS processor reconstructs DSD files directly in analog signal and after unbalanced/balanced converter enters in the best analog filter- the output transformers. The true DSD converter has advantages in simplicity, linearity, and in analog-like overload characteristics that avoid PCM’s hard clipping potential and a PCM processor’s propensity to mask subtle details – see pic.2 bellow.
Pure DSD Ratzov & Tsenkov
pic. 2

Technical data:

  • Digital input : USB only DSD
  • Audio files:DSF and DFF
  • Resolution:
  1. DSD Native DSD64 (2.8224MHz and 3.0720MHz)
  2. DSD128 (5.6448MHz and 6.1440MHz) and
  3. DSD256 (11.2896MHz and 12.2880MHz) on Linux and MAC OS


  • Digital output:SPDIF only PCM mode 24bit/192Khz
  • Analog outputs :1 XLR (5Vpp) 1 RCA(2,5Vpp)
  • Phase shift: <0,2 degrees
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz -70 kHz +/-0.5 dB @ 0 dBU
  • Dimensions 330 x 280 x 100 [mm]
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Optional :SE(special edition) EX(exclusive)
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