Passive MM/MC RIAA preamplifier Orpheus

After two years of experiments and research, RT audio design created new passive phono preamplifier with the phenomenal audiophile sound. This product consists MM stage and MC section.MM preamplifier is realized with two amplifiers .The first amplifier is ultra low noise op-amplifier without signal capacitors in signal path. The RIAA curve is realized only with passive components .The second amplifier stage is realized with ultra linear op-amplifier, designed with discrete electronic components. The differential input amplifier and output stage are realized with discrete planar epitaxial transistors from Toshiba. The sound from this op-amp is like tube: soft, smooth, fast bass and wide stage. The MM stage is realized with step- up transformer. The advantage of MC transformers is the wide range of MC cartridges with different impedances. The input transformer equalizes the output impedance of MC cartridge and input impedance of first amplifier stage, reducing phase shift, THD and the losses of useful signal. The new RIAA preamplifier is powered with 12V/2,3Ah battery. You can listen 6 hours without charging and enjoy unique clear sound without mains noises. Our RIAA preamplifier can be realized in SE and EX versions like option. This preamplifier can play phenomenal Jazz, Rock and Classic music. We wish you a pleasant listening of Duke Ellington, Diana Krall or Patricia Barber.

Technical data
  • Frequency range MM: 10 Hz – 100 KHz
  • Frequency range MC: 5 Hz – 100 KHz
  • Input impedance MC:  3 ohm – 50ohm
  • Input impedance MM: 47Kohm
  • Output level: 2Vp-p
  • Dimensions: 280mm X 230mm X 70mm
  • Weight: 4 Kg


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