By Jaroslav Berg – Cz

Hello Tsvetan,

Based on our mutual deal I’m sending you review of your great components.

This year in the early spring I was looking for DAC to partner it with my tube headphone amplifier Eufonika and my Hifiman HE-400i overhead headphones. After some research of the market I made a decision to buy DAC from RT Audio Design. This brand was fully new for me. I ordered Hi-rez USB Orpheus mk. II DAC with battery power supply which I was fully satisfied with.

Based on my experience with RT Audio Design I later contacted its designer Tsvetan with my interest to buy his power amplifier in class A and DSD Converter. Tsvetan has been very informative to me during whole process of making them for me. He provided me plenty of information about his devices.

Based on my request he increased power rating of the amp to higher rate. I very appreciated that Tsvetan was sending me an information and pictures during a building of them.

Some time later I received both components by the delivery company. Everything was well packed and protected against unwanted damaging during delivery.

I was inpatient to try them and I have to say that my trust to the products of RT Audio Design was rightful. Like power amplifier like DSD Converter which I have teamed up with my tube Tsakiridis Devices preamplifier and my great Xavian Quarta loudspeakers have provided very satisfying sound which was very analogue like, having pinpoint accuracy, great separation of the instruments and it has allowed my loudspeakers to fully disappear. Sound was presented inside of the room, everything was rich, full bodied and natural without any artificial sound.

For feeding DSD Converter I used my Acer laptop with installed Amarra Luxe to play DSD files which were both original 2L recordings and converted FLAC files to DSD. Now I’m waiting for tube active crossover that is custom made for me in Eufonika. I’m going to use RT Audio Design power amplifier in bi-amping for mid+ trebles together with my Classe Audio Sigma AMP2 for bottom.

I’d like spend also a few words about the fact that power amplifier is consisted of two chassis, power supply and power amp’s electronics separate. When this is switched on, there’s heard some noise for several seconds but after it this is deadly quiet.

Tsvetan, congratulations! You have designed great products!

Thank you for them.

Jaroslav Berg.
The Czech Republic

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