By Stoyan Stavrev – Bg

Hello dear friends from RT audio design


I want to thank you for the wonderful audio system you installed for me. It is an incredible pleasure to play on the turntable every night my favorite records of Melody Gardot and Diana Krall.

Real mental relaxation!!!!

I often turn on my Dual usb dac Orpheus in the company of good friends and through Tidal we enjoy the songs which we have selected in FLAC and DSD format. I have never listened to such a natural, clean and captivating sound before, with an incredibly deep and focused scene.

The best audio system!!!!!!


The system

1.Turntable – Linn Soundek LP12

2. Phono preamp – Passive RIAA preamplifier Orpheus with battery power supply

3. Digital source – Dual usb dac Orpheus with battery power supply.

4. Preamplifier – Passive volume control with remote control Orpheus.

5. Amplifier – Power amplifier Class AB Orpheus



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