About us

We are young team producing High-End quality systems for audio applications. Our products are being sold in Germany, Russia, Bulgaria. The portfolio of our products includes digital sources like  CD Transports/DACs (24bit/192kHz), Amplifiers – Class A/AB (with separate power supply), Full-range speakers.

Some of our fundaments are:

  • extremely high quality passive and active components.
  • no capacitors in the signal path.
  • only separate battery power supply for amplifiers and DACs.
  • passive Pre-amplifier with TVC Sowter or Alps potentiometer.
  • only output transformers in DAC’s output stage (no active I/V conversion ).
  • all products are hand assembled with minimum 24 hours tested period.
  • Our proud is to brought the best care for our precious customers with many years of experience with designing, producing and adjustments of all parts of our products.

Our projects are B.A.R.D Outsider line and Pilgrimage audio Lila line .The design team consists of  the  engineer of electronics Tsvetan Tsenkov ( PCB and electronics  design) and Ivaylo Ratzov industrial designer ( cases and speaker cabinet  design).

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