By Boris Modev – Bg

“Mr. Tsenkov, my friend…. you are my super hero :-)
Since I use your products I have’t stopped to feel that rarely feeling of the well spent money!!!

A few words about my experience:
A few years ago I got Dynaudio Contour S3.4. Being a fan of Dynaudio I knew I needed some powerful high-end amplifier to reach their optimum performance. After some very unsuccessful attempts to achieve this I came across the RT’s “integrated power amplifier Orpheus” (the more powerful version). I made a test and that was it! I finally got my super precision and dynamic sounding Dynaudios.
I own another very impressive stuff from “RT”. The “Ultra DAC Orpheus”. It provides great resolution, very wide stage, accurate and clear sound. I like the idea of using output transformers. I’ve tried a lot of DACs before (up to 10K) The performance of “Ultra Orpheus “is the best. I can simply say that DAC problems no longer exist for me.
And now I’m shearing my favorite one: The “Push-pull power amplifier class A Orpheus”
Wow…… This one was like it was taken down from the space to me! Just total transformation of the sound in the room. I use it for my second audiophile system for listening to jazz, blues, classical and vocals. Speakers are two-lane 93 decibels, perfect Transient – push pool concept. Now it sounds like if I use tube amp, but with a deep, punchy bass and crystal heights.
I think this is probably the best amplifier in terms of price-sound ever!!!
I have experience with other products of “RT”. I have only good impressions. I like the principles and ideology of engineer Tsenkov and Mr. Ratzov – the simplest design, nothing superfluous in the signal path and carefully selected high quality components – good job
Many thanks to you guys and please never stop creating!!! ”










… MD doctor Vasil Totev Sofia Bulgaria

I have one of the best audio systems in Bulgaria, consisting of RIAA MM/MC preamplifier Orpheus MK 2 ,DAC Orpheus mk3 with TVC and CD transport Orpheus from RT audio design. I use active loudspeakers Genelec S30 and turntable EMS 928 The sound is simple perfect: clean, gentle with deep sound stage. I’ve never heard so distinctly and fast bass. When I bought my RIAA preamplifier Orpheus with passive volume control I was very happy. All my LPs began to live a new life. The best sound in Bulgaria!!!!! Special thanks to my friends from RT audio design.








… Alexander Svedentsov Minsk Belarus

“A few words about CD transport RT Audio Design Orpheus SE.
Excellent transport !!! I got what I wanted.
Correct tonal balance. The sound is open, clear, clean.
The bass tight and deep, without booming- what I was afraid, because
listening room – 15 square meters..
The soundstage is wide and deep. So much for the size of the room.
The loudspeakers are present only visually.









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