Hi-Res USB DAC Orpheus

The Hi-Res USB DAC Orpheus is PCM 24bit/192kHz audiophile product, based on Burr -Brown flagship audio DAC with current differential output. Our company chose this chip for our new project after multiple auditions together with Bulgarian audiophile auditory.
We use passive I/V converter for best sound. The advantages of the passive I/V conversion are low THD, low phase shift, and low output noises. We don’t use active components in output section. The passive I/V conversion is realized with high precision resistor and step-up transformer with ratio 1:4, connected in differential mode without common ground point.
We use transformers Sowter 4383 or Lundahl LL1674. The transformer plays a role simultaneously amplifier and LPF, with very low phase shift and very wide frequency range. For best sound we use battery power supply with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. All passive components (resistors, capacitors) are high quality with low manufacture tolerance. We use ultra low noise LDO stabilizers from Linear Technology ( ANALOG DEVICES ).
The USB section uses new Xmos separate modul with new firmware. This DAC is available in SE and EX modification. This DAC module perfectly plays jazz, rock and vocals with incredible timbrel fidelity

Technical data:
Frequency range: 10Hz-70kHz
Phase shift: < 2%
THD+N: 0.0004%
Dynamic Range: 132dB
Resolution: 24bit/192kHz PCM
Output level: 2.1Vpp
Digital inputs: USB 2 Hi- res : SPDIF HI- res(AES/EBU in SE and EX version)
Analog outputs: RCA(XLR in SE and EX version)
Dimentions: 220 mm x 50 mm x 180 mm

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