Integrated amplifier Class AB Orpheus

The amplifiers are very important part of our product range. In this project we have implemented our concept, based on years of experience in audio device design. Our conception is separate power supply, no signal capacitor in signal path, common ground point and the best audiophile components (No low cost parts).The amplifier must not deform the music signal and it must amplify signal with low distortion and minimal phase shift. We created amplifier which works with very difficult loudspeakers with low sensitivity and complicated impedance – frequency characteristic. This amplifier is designed for exquisite audiophiles and music lovers. When that amplifier plays,you can enjoy the wonderful sound stage, clean vocals and a uniquepunch bass. This amplifier controls perfectly loudspeakers like Dynaudio(Contour 3.3 ,Contour S1.4 and Confidence C1) ,Focal -JMlab,Avalon and full range loudspeakers.

Amplifier section

The amplifier section consists two separate PCB modules, mounted in separate enclosure. We designed amplifier by special schematic with serial negative feedback which generated negative impedance. This feedback allows controlling bass and improving input characteristics on output transistors. The output loud is connected to current sensor not to ground. The information from this sensor applies to input differential amplifier. This feedback improves bass speed and output impedance. The output transistors are ultra linear from Sanken .In schematic no capacitors in signal path. For volume control we use passive step attenuator from Kozmo with low tolerance resistors for best sound. The input chooser is gold plated Elma. The signal cables are pure silver.

Power supply

The theme for the power supply unit always it has been very important in designing a power amplifier. For as the power supply is the most important part for every amplifierbecause of its quality, depends stability of the amplifier. We use separate boxes for best sound quality with minimum noises and negative modulations. For this reason, we created specifically schematic providing stable current. The rectifier consists special SiCSchottky diodes The SiC diodes are” the king of rectifiers”. Practically no reverse current and this allow the capacitors to be charged quickly. The filter capacitors are best audiophile range from Mundorff.After rectifying and filtering, the current is supplied to special low noise stabilized high current (30A) schematic. We use audiophile torroidal transformer .All power connectors are professional from Neutrik.No IEC ATX connectors. The power supply box is connected to amplifier box by two separate power cords from OCC wire.







In our amplifier we use RCA (Cardas GRFA S) and binding post loudspeaker connectors (Cardas CCGR-S)from Cardas.This connectors are non- magnetic Rhodium over Silver plate with very low specific and contact resistance.





Technical data

Frequency response: 0 Hz – 100 kHz

Input impedance: 50 kOhm

Analog inputs: 3 RCA (AUX, PHONO,CD)

Output power: 120W output power into 4 Ohm

70W output power into 8 Ohm

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥92dB

THD+N : 0.004%

Slew Rate :  19 V/ μs

Dimensions: 450mm X 90mm X 311mm

Optional: Black front panel


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