Audiophile Pure DSD module without DAC chip

RT audio design, have designed new DSD module for audiophiles. This module doesn’t use standard dac chip converter. The module consists USB digital section with XMOS audio processor, which converts DSD files directly in analog signal, bypassing digital filters and commutations. The second section consists ultra low noises power supply and PCB for output transformers Lundahl and Sowter. The output transformers are perfect LPF and HPF analog filters with low distortions and 0.2 degrees phase shift and low noises. This module can play:

  • DSD Audio over PCM frames
  • DSD64 (2.8224MHz and 3.0720MHz)
    DSD128 (5.6448MHz and 6.1440MHz) by method DoP with 0×05/0xFA markers
  • DSD Native DSD64 (2.8224MHz and 3.0720MHz)
  • DSD128 (5.6448MHz and 6.1440MHz)
    DSD256 (11.2896MHz and 12.2880MHz) on Linux and MAC OS

…. and this is how it looks inside







Coming soon

In 2016 our company will launch in production the new Hybrid dac Orpneus EX
The new dac consists two separate sections:
1.DSD DAC section with WM8742 and output transformers
2.PCM DAC section with AD1852 and output transformers
The DAC case is powered with separate battery power supply.

Project HYBRID DAC Face RT Audio Design

Project HYBRID DAC Rear Panels

News – 2015

This year we took again first please in category price/quality of Sofia Hi-Fi Show 2015

IMG_8299 RT audio design team

DSC_0084_1 - Copy
Our team with Matej Isak  Chief editor of the magazine “Mono and Stereo”

Our new product power amplifier class A 50W/8 ohm with separate shunt stabilized power supply


Our second system consists : 24bit/192kHz dac with battery power supply and integrated amplifier  with separate stabilized power supply.

News – 2013

This year on 22-24 November we took participation in HI-FI EXPO 2013 show in Sofia at Grand Hotel Sofia.
There we award First place and prize in category “ Sound ”







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